In Memoriam: Laura Chin

When I was writing Chinese Laundries: Tickets to Survival on Gold Mountain  in 2006, I recruited several Chinese Americans who had grown up in their parents’ laundry to provide vivid illustrative examples of the difficult lives of laundry families.   Laura Chin was one of the first to volunteer to share the story of her experiences and support my goals.  At that time, I had never met Laura nor did I know about her significant contributions in working with civil rights organizations.  I was indeed fortunate that she was willing to contribute her story to my book on the social history of Chinese laundries.

It was not until spring of 2012 that I finally met Laura when I came to Washington, D. C. to speak.  I did not know about her serious health problem until the moment we met.    I was moved that she made the physical effort to come to Chinatown with her husband, Peter Meyers, to have dinner and to socialize with me.  I am saddened by Laura’s early passing and take some small solace that I did get to spend an hour with this dedicated and capable champion of social justice.



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